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In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales, Benjamin A. Smith and Anthony Varrell discuss a range of issues, ranging from the latest decline in MSOS, atai Life Sciences, crypto/NFTs and more. Our special guest in InMed Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: INM) CEO Eric Adams to talk about the rare cannabinoid industry and why it’s poised to take off in 2022. Grand View Research believes the market will grow at over 20% CAGR over the next five years.

0:00 Intro

3:17 AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF – MSOS – is getting smashed along with the broad market meltdown. Are entry points getting to a good place for long term focused investors?
7:13 This week marked one full year since president Joe Biden took office. To date, he has not come through with any of his policy intentions to decriminalize cannabis and enact expungements for convicted felons of non-violent cannabis crimes. Will we see meaningful reforms in the lead-up to the November midterms?
10:54 It is very important for cannabis companies to be transparent with their shareholders. Which MSOS companies are doing the best job in this regard?
12:55 Anthony believes the no. 1 job of a CEO is to keep investors from selling their stock.

14:17 The psychedelic sector continues churning out positive news, yet the price action continues to decline. It’s at the point where not even one sector company is valued at $1 billion on an undiluted basis. Has the selling gone too far? atai Life Sciences discussed.
16:25 Anthony is not surprised that the psychedelics market has trended so low. Retail participation is a prime culprit.
18:09 Benjamin A. Smith theorizes the cause of the steep drawdown in COMPASS Pathways post Phase 2 results released in early November.
19:34 The future belongs to companies that can produce drugs that are vastly different in qualities from the legacy psychedelics.
21:01 The selling has been so acute, that sector leader Mindmed has come down to true penny stock status. Benjamin A. Smith is interested in starting positions in the sector.
22:16 Ray Kurzweil, Neurolink and metaverse discussion.

28:10 Bitcoin and Ethereum are crashing. Russia’s attempt to ban crypto mining in the country was a prime culprit of recent weakness. What’s next for the bellweather cryptocurrencies?
30:55 Microsoft acquired Activision for $70 billion to build out their metaverse portfolio. Anthony opines on the significance of it all.
32:50 Anthony breaks down what the metaverse is really about.
34:10 The NFT market remains very strong despite the selloff in cryptocurrencies. Bored Apes are at an all-time high with big name entertainment stars buying in.
37:00 Rumor has it that the Super Bowl halftime show could be the first to incorporate virtual reality elements in it.

52:21 Finalizing

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